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Savage Worlds Ateris


Join our Adventuring band of crazy characters as we wend our way through the world of Ateris, created by Author BQ Guymon. Thought lost to Myth and Legend, the disciples of the ancient dragon god Warros have resurfaced. Altars devoted to the evil god, and cultists of the same have been spotted throughout the various Kingdoms of Desvia.Within the Kingdom of Annover, our Heroes have come from different lands to form a secret Task Force employed by the King of Annover to seek out these Cultists and destroy them, once and for all. DiceTyrants is an Entertainment Broadcasting community that plays Table-Top Roleplaying games together. We want to share our stories with the world, and we hope you get a good laugh, a heartfelt tear, and a thumping heartbeat with the content we bring to the table. We love and cherish each other, and can't wait to show you what is coming in 2020. Come roll with us!

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